Affordable Weekly Repayments

Affordable Weekly Repayments

We are aware that not everybody can afford to buy the furniture they want in one go and we want people to be able to make the best choice for them when looking at weekly payments.

We also understand that people in this situation can be tempted by High Street shops offering “no credit checks”. Often such shops sell goods at inflated prices and use “conditional sale agreements”. These are the same as Hire Purchase agreements where you “hire” or “rent” the goods until you have made the last payment. Items bought under such an agreement can be repossessed if you fail to keep up with the repayments and they don’t always need a court order!

Our friendly staff can discuss with you affordable payment options to suit your needs.

We work in partnership with Hoot – Bolton’s Credit Union – so those who want to pay weekly can look to borrow money from an ethical organisation who don’t charge extortionate rates of interest.

Please see the example below

For more information about Hoot see here.